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QiYi M Pro 3x3 Maglev
Magnetic, Stickerless
2 reviews

Delivering nearly flagship-level performance while being remarkably affordable, the QiYi M Pro 3x3 (MagLev) stands out. With a magnetic sensation that falls between medium and strong, it incorporates a maglev tension system, compression customization, and traditional screw tension adjustments.

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2nd Dec, 2023

This cube is very good, I got it at Meath Autumn 2023 to use as a warmup cube. And I got 2 PR Singles in a row. It turns very smoothly and if you do a bit of setting up to your preference, its very good.
22nd Nov, 2023

Graham Downey
The Qiyi m pro is so good for its price if you are beginner to like sub-15 like me this cube will work especially when your on a budget or just have a little extra to spend would 100% recommend to anybody one