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QiYi 2x2 Megaminx (Kilominx)
Non-Magnetic, Stickerless
5 reviews

A 2x2 version of the megaminx.

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25th Feb, 2024

This cube lock up a bit at the start but with adjusting the screws it feels great 👍.
✔ verified purchase

18th Aug, 2022

Jack Corr
Nice kilominx
Definitely not the best kilominx, but its fine for a collection, lock ups a lot though
27th Jul, 2022

alex kelly
best budget kilominx
if you are looking for a kilominx this the one. With frosted plastic and nice turning this is very nice. Or even if you are looking for a non-WCA puzzle id highly recomend buying this as it is very fun.
✔ verified purchase

30th Jan, 2021

Great first steps in 'minx
This is my first attempt at a minx puzzle and I'm very pleased. It's a simple enough puzzle but quite fun. For the price you can't go wrong! Shipping was quick and communication from Matt is excellent.
✔ verified purchase

3rd Oct, 2020

Scott Froggatt
Great Puzzle for a low price. Decent for speedsolving
This cube was better than I expected. It has a frosted surface so there won't be any scratches appearing anytime soon on the cube. It also has caps in the middle that can help you solve the puzzle if you are not familiar with a Megaminx colour scheme, although these caps can be taken off if you already know it. The puzzle can also be solved slightly faster without caps because you can solve blocks anywhere on the puzzle and not have to move them after.
I recommend loosening all the screws on the puzzle by a wrist turn when you get it. overall i'm satisfied